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  • Fashion Apps – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…Sort of!

    Posted: Aug 06 2013

    Mobile technology has opened up a world of new options and opportunities for the budding fashionista, including thousands of fashion apps covering every subject under the sun. That being said, not all are created equally however and for every decent fashion app out there, chances are you’ll find another three-dozen that aren’t worth the money…even if they happen to be free! The thing is, it’s really a case of deciding exactly what you’re looking for in a fashion app before hitting the button and hoping for a miracle. So, the following guide has been put together to offer a brief introduction to a few of the best fashion apps in line with various specifics. Fashion Apps for Shopping If shopping from home and on the High Street and from your desk at work somehow doesn’t feel like enough, you’ll need a shopping app that lets you browse and buy top...
  • Striped Flash Sale

    Posted: Jun 01 2013

    We're pleased to announce that Zulily is launching a Flash Sale around clothes that have stripes. The fine folks there have reached out to us and asked if we could participate by including some of our standout striped garments. This event will only run from today until the 4th.  We're running with some dolmans and tanks that are perfect styles for the summer. The prices that Zulily are posting these clothes at are pretty ridiculous so if you've ever taken interest in these styles now would be a great time to purchase.  These are the styles that we will be featuring on Zulily:       If you're psyched about stripes than why are you still reading this? Click here to be sent to Zulily and find our clothes are ridiculously low prices.  Stay fresh like a peppermint and get striped out with this collection! Thank you for supporting Made in the USA products....
  • #OccupyYourCloset

    Posted: Apr 02 2013

      Take a look in your closet. What do you see? Shoes, clothes, jackets, scarves, belts, perhaps an ascot if you're feeling fancy. Think about how much you've spent on all of these items. It's probably quite a lot -- and -- unless you've made a conscious effort to support American Manufacturing, chances are that most of your closet was made in a foreign land.  The recession has hit everyone hard, with tensions boiling up so much that we saw massive protests in the form of the Occupy movement. We're not suggesting everyone run up to city hall and start protesting again. What we are suggesting is for everyone to make a conscious decision to support businesses around you, the local ones that are built by your neighbors, friends, and families.  It's a beautiful thing to see the day-to-day work here at Venley. We're constantly trying to grow our business and plan...
  • Status of the Buttersoft Hoodie

    Posted: Mar 21 2013

    Since mid-February we've been completely wiped out of inventory. We've been getting a lot of calls and emails inquiring about the status of the Buttersoft Hoodie.  Are we making more? Has the run of melting soft butter fabric ended? When is it coming back in stock?  We felt that it would help everyone to touch base in the form of a blog and just let y'all know where we're at with our famous hoodie -- but first allow me explain how we make clothes over here in downtown Los Angeles. Each time we run out on something completely we get the chance to go back to the drawing board. Analyze what we really liked about the cut and what we could improve on. The first thing that stood out to us was the construction and stitching patterns. On the next run of production we're going to make the kanga pocket stronger...
  • Top 5 Men's Ready to Wear Styles: #3 The 3/4 Sleeve Henley

    Posted: Jan 15 2013

    The 3/4 sleeve Henley is a top that anyone can rock. It's simple design will impress all with its cultured yet never over designed look. Add in our trusted and true tri-blend fabric and you've got quite possibly the softest henley to date. Our take on the classic henley also features 3/4 sleeves which make harken back to the baseball raglan, featured as #4 on our men's ready-to-wear list for a reason.  This piece will never go out of season or style. In fact use the secret code 007 for 10% off your next order when you purchase the henley! We'll be unveiling some more color ways for this henley in the coming months so you should definitely stay on the lockout.

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