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Want to learn more about the Venley Pre-Order Process?'re in the right place.

We've recently launched our Pre-Order Collection, which allows us to bring you the latest styles and new trends before they're produced. The Pre-Order process is pretty straight forward.

Take a look at HOW IT WORKS below...

1. Browse the Pre-Order Collections for our latest style

2. Review the product's details for the Order Deadline and Shipping Date

3. Place Your Order, just like you would for any other item

4. Receive your package approximately 2 weeks after the Order Deadline has expired.


Q: What does Pre-Order Mean?

A: In a Pre-Order, you are purchasing an item before it is ready to ship. When an item is on Pre-Order, we are measuring demand for the item and then producing it in a limited quantity. This allows to get more creative with the styles we release. You won't be able to get these limited-edition styles after the Pre-Order is complete.

Q: Will a Pre-Order item be available for sale after the Pre-Order period is over? 

A: The Pre-Order items are produced in limited quantities. Once the Pre-Order Period is over, the item will not go on sale immediately. It may go on sale at a much later time period, but that is not guaranteed.

Q: How do I know if my item is a Pre-Order item?

A: Pre-Order items can be found in the Pre-Order Collection. You will also find a Pre-Order label on the product’s image. When viewing the product’s details, you will see a countdown clock which displays the order deadline, as well as a description explaining the shipping date. If you aren’t sure, just shoot us an email to ask!

Q: When will my Pre-Order item arrive?

A: Your item ship approximately 2 weeks from the time the Pre-Order Deadline expires. Please refer to the product’s details page to view the expected shipping date.

Q: What happens if I purchase a Pre-Order item and a normal item in the same order?

A: In this case, your entire order will ship together once the Pre-Order Item is ready to ship. If you need your other item earlier, please contact customer service.

Q: When am I charged for my Pre-Order item?

A: You are charged at the time of purchase.

Q: Am I able to return my Pre-Order item?

A: Yes, of course! Pre-Order items have the same Return Policy as our other items.


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